evaporative cooler vs air conditioner

8 Major differences between evaporative cooler vs air conditioner you should know for better selection USA 2021

8 Major difference between evaporative cooler vs air conditioner you should know for better selection 

Evaporative cooler vs Air conditioner

Are you confused about buying a cooling system for your home? whether you will go for Air conditioner or Air cooler, Don’t be confused, it is crisp and clear that Every Good has its unique utility value, we can’t disagree with this.

The Important thing is decisions depend on us which one we should choose according to our necessity. It is a fact that Our Selection Depends on Several factors Where We have to analyze for our Better Selection.

When We talk about an Evaporative cooler Vs Air conditioner, Here is also the same thing we have to Analyze several factors lets check one by one. Before going to the analysis I will tell you some Basic  Working principles of Evaporative Air cooler And Air conditioner.

How does  Evaporative  Air cooler and Air conditioner Works? 

Evaporative Air cooler

Evaporative air cooler Works on the Principle of heat absorption by Water Evaporation. Simply what happens is basically an evaporative air cooler comprised of one fan, one water pump, and a moistened Pad. Now the fan pulls out hot air from outside, as the air passes through the cooler pad, it gets cooled as per evaporation principle exhaust towards the front side where you get cool air. It is a simple process with no toxic chemicals, no advanced technology, Evaporation is a natural phenomenon.

Air conditioner

Air conditioner basically comprises of two-unit one is an outdoor unit and the other one is an indoor unit and every unit consists of some other components which play their separate role in cooling. Actually, what happens, the Airconditioning units pull out the hot air from the inside room and release the cool air into the room, and reduces temperature. In this cooling  Process, Refrigerant plays an important role Which travels in a loop from indoor to outdoor unit by transforming into gas and liquid. This refrigerant is very harmful to the environment, it contributes to depleting the ozone layer.

Some important factors need to be considered from a buyer perspective

1.Geographical Area and Usage Location

If you are in a humid area means you are living in Eastern half of the united state like Florida and other states Where humidity is around 80% and you think to install Evaporative cooler with effective cooling then it would not be a good decision because Evaporation can’t be taken place efficiently in high humidity area, as a result, you will not get efficient cooling. On the other hand, the Air conditioner has no climate Limitation. Comes to Usage Location, Evaporative Air cooler is a good option for an open or ventilated room, if you use Air cooler in a closed room It increases room humidity level which becomes uncomfortable for you whereas an air conditioner is Efficient in a Closed room.

2.Cooling Effect

 You can Great Cooling Effect in an enclosed room with controlled room temperature and regulated humidity, you can set your temperature as you desire and get instant Cooling. In air cooler Great cooling effect in an open room and average in closed Room with Limiting  Regulated Temperature and Instant Cooling.

3.Cost Analysis

When it Comes to Cost, it is so obvious you have to spend more on an air conditioner than an Evaporative air cooler. Not only do you have to spend more on getting the new products but also on Paying Electric Bill. Air conditioner consumes more Electricity than Air cooler And gives you greater comfort than air cooler, More comfort more money. Air coolers are economical and affordable for all category

4.Installation and Portability

Air conditioner Installation is comparatively Expensive and Complex than air Cooler to install. It needs a professional along with a suitable place to install the indoor and outdoor unit in case of the split air conditioner. Now Portable Air conditioner is also available in the market, Which does not need any professional and more space for installation, Coming to Evaporative air cooler there is no need of more space and professional to install. Taking portability into account somewhere Air cooler beats Air conditioner.

5.Energy Efficiency

It is a big factor nowadays while using an Electrical Home appliance, Have a look at a report published by EIA in Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS), The average energy Bill of  U.S. households was  $1,856  in 2015  Out of this 12% is Air conditioner consumption bill. No doubt air conditioner consumes more Electricity up to 10 times greater than Air cooler which consumes more electricity and increases Monthly electricity bills, As you go for seasonal energy efficiency ratio(SEER) ratings which determine Energy efficiency still it is comparatively Lower energy Efficient than Air cooler.


As the maintenance of air conditioner is quite expensive than Air cooler, you have to  Refill the refrigerant and replace the air filter, bacteria filter after a specific period to get Efficient colling and fresh air, Talking about cleaning it is not that much easy to clean indoor and outdoor unit by yourself for these you need a professional .some times you might have face some internal error due to fault in Electronic circuits inside the air conditioner and you have to replace it. Come to Air cooler, it has minimal maintenance cost  for the replacement or repairing of Fan and Cooling and you an easily clean it by dismantling.

7.Health Factor

Health Factor is a  big factor in our life, We can not Ignore it. It is found that Extra humidity is not good for those who have asthma and allergies to mold and dust along with it may cause Coughing, Wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, etc.

As we know that Evaporative Air cooler has one basic filter system and no humidity control system so it is not possible to control Extra humidity and filter dust, pollens, etc which may cause above mention health disorder. So it should make sure that open the door and all ventilators to reduce extra humidity in your room and will get fresh air

Talking about the air conditioner, It sucks out all moisture from the room as well as from the body, as a result, our body gets dehydrated, Dries our eyes which can cause blurred vision, dries mucous membranes and you may also face respiratory issues like nasal blockages, dry throat, etc after staying a long time. So, try to avoid long staying in air condition and open the ventilator and windows while you are not using the air conditioner.

8.Environment Friendly

Air coolers are more environmentally friendly than Air condition. Nowadays companies are using R-410A refrigerant which is safe for the environment instead of harmful refrigerant R-22. As air conditioner consumes more power as a result greenhouse gas emissions is increasing from power plants to full fil power demand. In the same context Air cooler consume low power and do not use any harmful chemical as a refrigerant.

evaporative cooler vs air conditioner

Evaporative Air Cooler

Air Conditioner


How effective are evaporative coolers?

Effectiveness of Evaporative air cooler depends on your climate and using location if you use it normal humidity climate (between 30-50% humidity) with good ventilation then it will work efficiently no doubt in another hand if you use it  in extreme humidity climate  then Evaporation will not take place effectively and efficiency will get down

Do evaporative coolers cool a room?

If you use it in a dry climate with good ventilation, evaporation will take place efficiently and it can able to reduce room temperature, not as an air conditioner but maintain average room temperature. It is suitable for the western United States with milder summer weather and may not be able to cool a room adequately in hot climates

Is it worth buying an evaporative cooler?

Yes, It is worth buying for those who are Economical, living in milder summer weather, love fresh air, want to use it for a temporary period, and do not need extra cooling.

What is the major advantage of an evaporative cooler?

Air cooler is Energy Efficient and Environment friendly, it uses water as the refrigerant and gives fresh air by the evaporation method.

Conclusion: It is unbiased information based upon our research and data collection and we may hope It will definitely help to select a suitable cooling system knowing these major differences between evaporative cooler vs air conditioner.


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8 Major difference between evaporative cooler vs air conditioner you should know for better selection USA 2021
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8 Major difference between evaporative cooler vs air conditioner you should know for better selection USA 2021
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